• This deserves an intervention.

    We’ve seen what happens when you cross a motorcycle with a car: you end up with a hybrid vehicle only the owner can truly appreciate while the rest of us are left scratching our heads. Well guess what? Here’s yet another proof that car-bikes only meet the weird needs of a small demographics. This time, the creator crossed a legendary Boss Hoss with an equally legendary Lamborghini.

    Boss Hoss Lamborghini Style? Motor1.com/Hersteller Boss Hoss Lamborghini Style

    If the Jersey Shore ever produced a motorcycle, this is what I would picture the result to look like. An americanized-Italian who proudly flaunts its uniqueness and is anything but subtle. The same could be used to describe deep dish pizza, I guess.?

    This… thing, wasn’t produced by a custom shop located between a spray tan salon and a v-neck shop on a strip by the beach—no, it’s the work of German shop Boss Hoss Cycles Germany. The concept, commissioned by a client—who might or might not be sporting a mullet and gold chains—was to combine the front-end of a Boss Hoss, famed V8 motorcycles maker, with the backend of a Lamborghini Aventador. It makes us a little sad that a motorcycle and a car were sacrificed to serve a twisted mind’s weird design.

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